When trying to share your written experiences online, there can be a lack of platforms if what you want to say is “too angry, too personal and/or too long”. This can feel like another level of silencing and repression. After a troubling experience on an international artist residency, this site was created as a space to re-claim my voice and those of others.

‘Pussy Bow’ refers to a style of retro neckware associated with women’s and girls’ blouses, reminiscent of bows tied around the necks of cats’. The pussy bow has a small place in feminist history, with associations to ambitious businesswomen and female politicians of the 1980’s. Women donned suits combined with pussy bows to maintain their femininity while establishing their authority in a male-dominated professional world. More recently, it has become an obscure symbol of protest in Sweden and America. It is, of course, also suggestive of the bow on a pair of women’s underwear.